Hypoallergenic Balinese Cats For Sale


Hypoallergenic Balinese Cats For Sale. Balinese Cat For Sale. A Balinese, also known as a long-haired Siamese, is a rare but natural mutation of a purebred Siamese.  They possess a medium-length (1-3 inch), silky coat, a fluffy tail, and sapphire-blue eyes.  They have no undercoat and are practically non-shedding!

There are two distinct head shapes in Balinese. The traditional apple-head has a rounder and wider head, characteristic of a delicious apple turned on its side.  Wedge-heads have long, slinky bodies, with triangular heads, and tend to be feisty and   temperamental.  Our Balinese kittens are all the traditional apple-head.  

Balinese are considered to be among the most intelligent of all long-haired cat breeds!  They are sociable, playful and inquisitive.  Some can even be trained to use a flushing toilet!

The Balinese is an active, vocal cat as befits a Siamese descendent. Cat trees and high perches are necessary equipment when you live with a Balinese. If these are not provided

Balinese will make anything tall her own special perch; her slender figure conceals a powerful jumper. You may find her leaping effortlessly to the top of your refrigerator, bookcases and even the tops of doors.

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What type of animal is a Balinese cat?

The Balinese cat is a kind of cat. Initially, they had heavier bodies with apple-shaped heads. Over the years, the breeders have improved the physical traits of the Balinese cats by outcrossing the parents as well as through natural mutation.

Class of animal a Balinese cat belongs to

The Balinese cat belongs to the mammal class as it gives birth to offspring like all animals. It is an active, social-friendly animal bred to provide company to its pet parents. Balinese Cat For Sale Columbus

Where does a Balinese cat live?

The Balinese cat is an ideal companion in the urban setup or a house with a medium yard. As they are medium-sized, they can adjust well in apartments too. We must be careful that there are clear spaces, especially at heights from which to climb on and sit. They have the need to be left alone from time to time.

What is a Balinese cat’s habitat?

Hypoallergenic Balinese Cats For Sale. The Balinese cat habitat can be urban or rural as long as they stay active and are left to explore their spaces. They are intelligent beings and like attention from parents too. You must treat them to toys, scratch pads and spend quality time with them, indulging in various play activities to keep them busy and engaged.

How long does a Balinese cat live?

The Balinese cats live for 12-20 years. Despite their fine bone structure, they are sturdy animals who live long and healthy life. We must be careful about overeating as that could hamper the overall health of the cat. Also, A regular regime of exercise and an active lifestyle with a well-balanced diet can help immensely in the overall health and well-being of the cat.

How Do They Reproduce?

For the reproduction process to take place, both the male and female cats should be of age and adequate size. Furthermore, The female must be going through her “heat cycle.” Cats are reflex ovulators, which means that they only ovulate once they’re bred. Also, The male will mount the female from behind and the entire process can last anywhere between 5-25 minutes. Thereafter, the pregnancy will last for between 60-70 days, after which the female will give birth to the kittens. The litter size can be up to three kittens. The Balinese cats have a longer gestation period as compared to other cats.


The Balinese cats have a very distinct look and personality. These Siamese cats are known for their striking beauty with bright blue beautiful eyes, large triangular years, pretty plumed tails and well built body. Balinese cats have a curious friendly face and are known for their sense of humor. Balinese Cats are known for their jumping capabilities. Cats of this breed come in a variety of colors. The main color would be creamy white with distinctive color points on their face, ear, full tail and legs. The popular colors of the fur are seal, chocolate, blue and the lightest shade of purple. The standout physical features of this Siamese cat breed include wedge shaped head, silky coat, plumed tail, and long hair. Hypoallergenic Balinese Cats For Sale

Hypoallergenic Balinese Cats For Sale
Hypoallergenic Balinese Cats For Sale

How Big is a Balinese cat?

The Balinese cats are medium-sized cats. They are known for their delicate body structure and soft hair. They are agile, well-built bones that help them to climb higher places. Balinese Cat For Sale Columbus


The Balinese cats are hypoallergenic cat breeds. Balinese cats are not likely to cause an allergic reaction to people who suffer from allergies, and more so than any other long-haired cats. Also, They are an ideal pet for people with cat hair allergies due to this very reason. Balinese Cat For Sale. Hypoallergenic Balinese Cats For Sale

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